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The Order of Peter Pan

Because being grown up sucks

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This is a made-up secret society that was born of boredom and fear of adulthood. It is a a secret society that glorifies the inner child.

Members are required to indulge their inner child at any oppurtunity. They must play with toys, build secret forts, have passwords, and commune with invisible people. Members gather in secret bases under slides. Sprinklers and plastic swords are sacred. Purification comes with coasting down hills in a red wagon.

I want to be six years old, again. I want to run through the sprinklers, play red rover, be pulled in my little red wagon, and then pull someone in turn. I want to run barefoot down the street after the ice cream man. To jump on the trampoline with five other kids while the sprinkler goes underneith. I want to find supreme enjoyment going down slides. I want to believe in the magic of the movies. I want to see something amazing and not wonder how it's accomplished. I want to get excited at the thought of meeting Santa and Mickey Mouse. And I want friendship to be based on pure enjoyment, not ulterior motives or desperate need.

Being grown-up sucks.

This community is for sharing childish thoughts and ideas. We can discuss cartoons and getting dirty.

To join, you first have to be willing to cast off your adult inhibitions. You need a special secret name. But don't worry about finding it yourself, the other members will help you once you join. Joining is by an approval basis, but you don't have to do anything special to gain entrance. Simply join and you'll be approved.


  • No growing up.
  • All posts must be friends only. This is a secret society, after all. Non-friends-only posts will be deleted. No questions asked.
  • Imagine that little kids are actually reading this, behave accordingly.